God has blessed me with an amazing family and a wonderful career in a business where I can express myself and capture you in a way that is pleasing to Him.  In all of this I am thankful!


Me & my family.  
My husband, Justin is a bison farmer here in Clarkesville. Our oldest daughter Maebree is a 5th grader at Tallulah Falls Middle School, Millie (4th grade) and Gray (Kindergarten) attend The Little School in downtown Clarkesville and Daisy is home with me editing sessions and being a sweet and sassy almost 2 year old.  These guys are the reason I am able to have an amazing photography career.  I wouldn't make it even 1 day without their encouraging support. 

I graduated from Commercial Photography school in 2002 and began working for a photographer that mentored me in the business as well as the art of photography for 2 years. During this time I started my own business and have owned Candice Holcomb Photography for 13 years now.  I am blessed everyday with amazing clients that continue to encourage and challenge my work.  I am often told how "lucky" I am to be a photographer and I agree 100%.  I am lucky and blessed beyond measure.  I have loved art my entire life.  As an art major in college I was unsure what direction to go in as far as a career in art.  Should I teach? Should I move to a big city and open an art studio? The ideas sounded fun but I just couldn't put my finger on what my focus was and what side of art was for me! I then sat with my advisor and she helped me see that photography was my love.  Ansel Adams is an artist that I followed, wrote papers on and I basically obsessed over his work.  I still look at his work and am amazed at his gift for black and white photography.  The dimension he captures, the elegance he displays, I just can't get enough.