THE LIFESTYLE sessions are not so planned so you may want to just go with not so coordinated outfits.  What would you normally have on or your kids in on a Saturday morning after breakfast or in the evening before bed.  We will talk about the time of day you are wanting this session to take place, this will help a lot.  Also this is a Lifestyle session so it is suppose to be more real life!! This should be the easiest to prepare for :)

* What should we wear?

In my personal opinion this can make or break your ultimate goal and the outcome of your session.

FOR FAMILY & CHILDREN session. It is best to decide what you are trying to achieve. Do you want to hang a portrait from this session in your home, ok where? Do you need these for Christmas cards, ok have you picked out the card yet, what are the colors? Decide why you are having this session taken and then decide from there as to what color palette you want to go with.  I update my blog weekly to give you ideas of clothing options for family sessions as this can be completely foreign to some. I get it, its hard and sometimes helps to see what others have used and what works together.  

​Some folks can just put it together for a family of 5 or 6 and it works and is amazing and some of us are challenged in this area and need a little guidance. Please be sure to follow me on Pinterest and my blog to better prepare yourself for your upcoming session!


* Where do you shoot?

I am a on location natural light photographer. I do not have a studio nor do I use flash photography or light boxes. I have a variety of locations that I use or you can let me know of a location you love. This concept of shooting allows me to capture your and your family in a way that is less posed and more natural to you. 

I shoot my NEW LIFE sessions at your home so that your sweet baby is comfortable in their own environment.  The smells, the sounds, the familiarity is very important.  I also really love the idea of capturing your new family in a way that is more relaxed and natural as this should be a sweet and calm experience.