An Evening With Madi

Oh man these locations were spot on. When Madi's mom and I began to layout the locations and timeline for Madi's senior session they knew the locations they wanted. I knew from working with this family for the past several years that their choices would be amazing and was so excited about the day.

We traveled from one place to the next and had such a great time capturing some beautiful images that I hope Madi will treasure for years to come. I look back at my senior portraits taken by the amazing Dan McClure @ McClure's studio and still absolutely love them. There is something to be said for a timeless edit that will not have you looking back at your images and saying, "WOW so you can totally tell these were taken in 2018!" I mean aside from maybe the clothing and hair styles that are forever changing I want my seniors to see themselves just as they were and not the editing trend of that year.

I love working new locations but sometimes it is hard to know what the lighting will be like if you do not preview the location ahead of time. Of course I have shot many sessions in these areas but not these exact spots and boy were they amazing. It's hard not to over use locations like these, I hope to use these spots again sometime but I also have found through the years that it is best to give it some time before using the same locations over and over. I tend to use the same pose, same exact spots, etc. because I know it worked and made for amazing images the "week before". But if you wait and use these locations months or even a year later you will see something new, a new spot. You will have new poses you are loving at that time and then when you look back at the sessions they will be COMPLETELY different and that's what you want. Art work is different, no two paintings can be the same and that's the way it should be, no two images should be the same. (food for thought)

I hope you enjoy, and if you are looking for a photographer to capture this amazingly exciting milestone in your life or your child's please give me a ring, I would love to work with you!!!

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